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Your location Kyiv?

SIP Trunk


To accelerate the development of a large company, its promotion in the market, and improve financial performance, you need to act quickly and in a trusted way.

SIP Trunk technology is a unique method of expanding the telephone network, where you can combine an unlimited number of PBX systems into one channel. Thereby improving communication between employees within the company, quickly respond to all customer calls when their number is growing. 

SIP Trunk: service operation basics 

At a time when a large business is gradually transforming into digital, the SIP Trunk will allow you to quickly scale the existing telephone network.

SIP Trunk is a virtual line that allows you to combine several PBX systems into one channel. To connect the service, you need Internet access.

The DATAGROUP service provider offers SIP Trunk with the following business features:

  • voice messages, videos exchange;
  • using various instant messengers;
  • adding new additional channels, adjusting the existing node (when there is an increase in the number of calls from customers);
  • the phone number is retained by the company when changing the office.

SIP Trunk is a single communication channel for all employees, the ability to quickly respond to current business processes and promptly resolve tasks.

SIP Trunk in Ukraine: connection advantages for large businesses

For large companies, connecting the SIP Trunk means getting a whole range of advantages. Among which:

  1. Minimisation of telephone costs. The line functions via the Internet, after all. The connection cost and monthly subscription fee are several times less than for analogue lines.
  2. Ability to convert an analogue PBX into a modern IP PBX at favourable tariffs and with stable communication quality.
  3. The service is suitable for absolutely all business segments. Since you can use IP or analogue phones to work in stationary mode.
  4. The technology is also provided for 0-891 code numbers, which are not geographically linked to Ukraine.
  5. Large capacity, line flexibility. When connecting the SIP Trunk, the addition of a phone numbers pool takes place simply by calling the service provider without any installations or special settings.
  6. A convenient corporate telephone network simplifies communication between employees within the company.
  7. Company number is automatically retained when changing the office.
  8. The technological nature of the line ensures maximum connection speed, excellent communication quality, and voice transmission.
  9. A convenient short number is assigned to the corporate network.
  10. The wide functionality of the service allows you to correctly separate information, coordinate business processes, and connect additional smart services.

SIP Trunk for large businesses from DATAGROUP means the minimum cost of a telephone line, high-quality communication, and the most convenient functionality with a lot of features.

SIP Trunk: service price from DATAGROUP

The DATAGROUP team values every customer, so it will help you choose a SIP Trunk service tariff plan on favourable terms according to your needs and desired results. Payments are always fully transparent, with no hidden fees. The technology can be easily adapted and supplemented with other IT&T services of the company. The client gets stable system operation regardless of the weather outside or the line busyness.