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Your location Kyiv?
Virtual PBX: each customer will get through

Even if today you do not have a physical office and all your employees are working at home, thanks to this service you will be able to realize convenient communication with clients and colleagues.

Virtual PBX

For the full functioning of companies, the presence of a stable connection with a high-quality signal is an operational necessity.

Virtual PBX for the office allows you to ensure uninterrupted communication within the company between branches, inform customers, and conduct marketing research and analytics.


A virtual or cloud-based PBX or VATE is an excellent alternative to a separate call center or physical PBX. When ordering the service, the enterprise receives the full use of the IP-PBX, located at the provider of electronic communication services in a secure data center, which provides a stable signal using the Internet, mobile or local network. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy expensive equipment — office PBX, which requires special maintenance. Instead, the client needs to connect a subscriber device for employees (an IP phone, a personal computer, or a smartphone with a software SIP client, a gateway for analog phones, and a regular mobile phone for FMC lines).


Virtual cloud PBX for business is a lot of opportunities.

This service compares favorably with other methods of communication due to the following features:

  • wires are not required to obtain a stable signal;
  • cloud PBX is located on a remote server in a secure location;
  • the ability to use it anywhere in the world without being tied to a specific region around the world;
  • multichannel;
  • setting up the operating parameters of a virtual PBX for the individual needs of the company;
  • setting up automatic calls on a pre-prepared database, selected lists of customers, potential customers, or suppliers;
  • connection of call forwarding;
  • making a callback, if necessary;
  • call recording function and available conversation statistics;
  • saving the history of calls with the ability to listen to their recording in your account.

Connecting a Virtual PBX only with a trusted provider would be best. For example, DATAGROUP is an experienced supplier of electronic communication services in Ukraine. A team of specialists will help you choose the necessary tariff package and additional services according to the client's requests and set up and connect the system.


A virtual PBX for business will become an effective tool for coordinating and speeding up work processes. In addition, the client receives several benefits:

  • Minimize communication costs. After all, with the help of a cloud-based PBX, it is possible to make many calls within the country  or between countries using voice mail. On a large scale, the company's costs will be incomparably less than in the case of using a standard phone connection.
  • Protecting the system from interference. The client has complete control over his virtual PBX. The signal from the IP PBX is encrypted. Settings are configured in the client's account.
  • An effective way of communication that does not depend on the territorial factor.
  • The service is available throughout Ukraine. This allows the shortest possible time to combine the work of several departments and branches into one shared corporate network.
  • Operational connection. Activation and configuration of the system for business can be completed within a day.
  • All three or four-digit short numbers are easy to remember. Therefore, it will not be difficult for employees to take them into service and quickly use them in their work.
  • Multichannel PBX is a unique opportunity to receive multiple calls from a single number simultaneously. Then, quickly respond, advise, and sell the company's products over the phone.
  • Maximum communication with clients. There is no risk of missing a call or not seeing a message. Cloud number for business distributes the entire flow of consumer calls among responsible managers according to established rules.
  • The ability to organize a remote office that will always be in touch, regardless of the location of employees.
  • Conducting effective analytics of business processes and made calls, based on which the company will be able to improve its product, and service, improve the quality of service, and find out what their consumers want.
  • Customer relationship management with built-in CRM or integration with the client's existing CRM.
  • Ability to receive calls in Microsoft Teams.
  • The ability to receive calls on a regular GSM mobile phone for employees in places with no high-quality Internet.


Virtual PBX service can be connected at the provider of electronic communication services, DATAGROUP. To do this, leave a request or call the numbers listed on the company's website. Consultants will answer all questions and help in making the right choice. Prices for tariff packages depend on the client's requirements and the required operating parameters. Virtual PBX can be connected fast, including activation, testing, and system configuration. Fits virtual PBX for small, medium, and large businesses.


Tariffs for the Virtual PBX service

Tariffs for long-distance phone communication services

Tariffication of calls to numbers 0-900

Tariffs for international calls (standard)

Tariffs for international calls (DataSvit)

Exception codes for DataSvit service

The cost of telecommunications equipment for informing customers, conducting market research, and analytics.