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Your location Kyiv?


Convenient communication with customers

Quick messaging


VIBER and SMS Business Newsletters

Business newsletters can be used to inform customers about discounts and new products, deposits and withdrawals (banks), new goods, parcel or letter movements (logistics companies), etc. This is the fastest way to communicate important information to your customers.

Business newsletters are popular during advertising campaigns because they are 20% more effective than traditional advertising methods.

VIBER business newsletters

DATAGROUP is the official partner of VIBER for business newsletters.

VIBER covers the majority of smartphone users in Ukraine. Communicate with your customers in a messenger that is convenient for them, send messages through your official VIBER business account about promotional offers and discounts, congratulate your customers on their birthdays, notify them of statuses (transactional connections) - it is efficient, modern, and reliable. More than 80% of users1 read brand messages in the messenger.


  1. Easiness - send messages to phone numbers just like regular SMS.
  2. Coverage - if the customer has a VIBER account, they will definitely receive the message. If the messenger is not installed, the customer will receive an SMS, which gives you 99% availability to your customers.
  3. Long messages - VIBER messages contain up to 1000 characters (Latin, Cyrillic), which allows you to optimise your costs compared to sending compound SMS messages.
  4. Flexible pricing - different prices apply depending on the VIBER message type. You pay only for delivered and read messages.

Features of VIBER Business Newsletters

Alpha name registration - register a branded sender name with a logo in VIBER and SMS for multichannel campaigns.

Client's business profile - a company description of up to 400 characters, logo, and contact information is a great opportunity to tell more about your company in the messenger.

Branded sender name - send messages with your company's or brand's logo and name. Such messages inspire trust among users.

Promotional messages - send modern messages using emoticons and pictures. Give the customer the opportunity to immediately read the details of your offer by clicking a link in the message.

Real-time delivery status - fast and reliable statuses of DLR messages: accepted/rejected, delivered/viewed by the user.

Email campaign management - create a list of recipients and schedule email campaigns by time using the web portal or API. Receive reports on your campaigns. Specify the " lifetime" of the message from 1 to 24 hours.

СМС mailing lists

SMS messages are used by the majority of mobile users. The massive scale of business SMS messaging makes it possible to deliver messages to a large number of subscribers. SMS campaigns are usually used to send out information messages, such as order status, card transactions, product news, etc. One SMS message can contain up to 160 characters.

Features of SMS campaigns

Cost - there is no subscription fee; you pay only for SMS messages. Stable cost, no pegging to the foreign exchange rate.

Personalisation - send SMS with an alpha name. Your customers receive an SMS with your company in the sender's name. This approach will allow the client to immediately identify the source of the text message and will inspire confidence in the client.

Reports on sent messages - you can track the effectiveness of SMS delivery in detailed reports and download information from the reports wherever you need it.

Email campaign management - create a list of recipients and schedule email campaigns by time using the web portal or API. Get reports on your campaigns. Specify the lifetime of the message from 1 to 24 hours.

Types of communication

Mailing options
Number of characters
up to 1000
up to 160
Availability of a personal WEB cabinet with the ability to manage the mailing list
Status of sent messages
Stickers, images, clickable links, buttons
Logo integration and short company description
Sender's name (alpha name)
Payment only for delivered messages
Possibility to connect to the mailing system via API

Advantages of instant messaging from «DATAGROUP»

  1. We offer convenient and effective tools for marketing, promoting products and services in any business segment, and informing your customers about any event by sending messages.
  2. Payment is made only for delivered messages. Management and control are carried out through a personal WEB account.
  3. To order the service, please contact us via the hotline at 0 800 211 000 or leave a request on the website. We will process and fulfil your order within 45 minutes. DATAGROUP guarantees information security and confidentiality.
  4. You can find out the prices for services from our consultants. Customer service is available 24/7/365.

1 - according to VIBER Media, Inc.