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for businesses

Virtual Server (IAAS)

Virtual server (IaaS)


Cloud services are used by almost all representatives of the business sector. IaaS virtual infrastructure lets you place information in the cloud by renting computing power. The service for communication and solving corporate tasks includes various components of the cloud infrastructure: virtual server, network storage and devices, and operating systems.


We offer a wide range of resources for running a client's virtual landscape. High-tech hardware resources allow us to organise various configurations of virtual resources that meet current business requirements.

A virtual server from DATAGROUP will help business of any size to operate on mutually beneficial terms. For our Customers, we can provide virtual server (IaaS) services in various locations, namely in Ukraine (DATAGROUP Cloud (Ukraine), CLOUD IaaS partner service from Volia), Europe (DATAGROUP Eurocloud (Germany), DEAC Partner Cloud (Latvia, Lithuania, Germany), and other locations using Microsoft's Cloud platform (Microsoft Azure), which has more than 160 data centers located in more than 60 regions of the world.

The DATAGROUP Cloud (Ukraine) is a highly available cluster organised on the basis of Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers using the Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation platform. The cluster uses Software-Defined Storage systems based on HGST Storage hardware, containing both high-speed SSD and HDD drives connected in RAID. The presence of two controllers simultaneously in the housing (in case of component failure) increases system reliability.

CLOUD IaaS partner service from Volia allows you to organise your own virtual data center and create virtual machines, networks, and allocate resources between them. You can use it for any needs: creating a virtual office, hosting an online ordering service, a mail server, accounting and CRM applications, and corporate services. The most stable version of VMWare 6.7 virtualisation, control from any device using the vCloud Director 10.1 panel, reliable network, and three types of drives: *Silver (HDD+Cache) - up to 4,000 IOPS, *Gold (SSD) - up to 27,000 IOPS and *Platinum (SSD) - up to 35,000 IOPS

* The IOPS value is based on the results of synthetic tests.

Eurocloud public cloud from DATAGROUP is located in a modern data center in Germany (Frankfurt am Main) that meets the requirements of TIER IV certification and has all the necessary ISO certificates. The availability of its own international channels and a backbone node at the site where the Eurocloud cloud infrastructure is located ensures a highly reliable connection to the cloud using data transmission channels, as well as a connection based on the Ukrainian or European segment of the Internet at speeds from 100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s.

Microsoft Azure for Business is a convenient cloud platform for improving the efficiency of organisation, management, and control of workflows for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is the best option for deploying a virtual infrastructure using the necessary applications — the ability to solve current business problems quickly.

DEAC's Public Cloud is based on the VMware vSphere 7.0.3 virtualisation platform. DEAC offers ready-to-use cloud solutions (IaaS) at three locations in Europe: Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania), and Frankfurt (Germany). You can create a virtual infrastructure of any complexity by using the computing power and storage resources in the DEAC public cloud as an isolated hyper-converged infrastructure. The storage solution provides N+2 redundancy, which means that even the unlikely simultaneous failure of any two drives does not result in data loss.


  • Savings on infrastructure. By renting a virtual server, a company does not need to purchase and install its own physical equipment. Renting a virtual server covers the need for computing resources and allows you to reduce the cost of IT staff, renting premises, and organising an individual IT infrastructure.
  • Remote management and control of the VPS server. A corporate virtual server will always be active, even if you are located in another country. The main condition is the availability of Internet access.
  • High scalability and easy start. There is no organisational work to create a virtual server. To activate it, you just need to contact the provider and order the service. In just a few hours, you can use the service, make changes to the settings according to your needs, and install applications.
  • The highest level of security. Client data transferred to cloud storage is securely encrypted. We have achieved a high level of security by implementing new strategies and applying effective measures to prevent DDoS attacks. Our data center supports stable operation in a 24-hour format.