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Datagroup Company offers the solution - to connect via the dedicated line. To create it, our specialists use our own fibre-optic channels of communication, which certainly provide the high speed of an access, reliability and stability of this service, as well as rented channels in those places, where it is not possible to connect a service, using Datagroup's communication channels.

For our clients' convenience, we offer all existing variants to connect to the Internet. Our specialists process each request individually, taking into account all wishes and requirements of a client. Such approach allows finding the most optimal solution for you.

For internet-providers and communication operators, Datagroup Company offers the high-speed connection of operators' class to the Internet. The ring topology of main channels construction, the availability of reserve channels allow providing with the high reliability of a service. Our User Support Service works around-the-clock, that gives us an opportunity to react promptly toward occurring problems and to solve them in the shortest terms.

Datagroup Company is permanently developing and implementing innovative solutions to provide the utmost reliable and qualitative access to the Internet. All international traffic goes along the territory of Ukraine through 3 independent routes - via Poland, Hungary and directly through the boarder with Russia. Around Ukraine, the traffic is divided according to the ring topology.

Datagroup Company has built direct peer connections with the large international, Russian and Ukrainian Internet-service providers. The direct connection with Ukrtelecom allows providing traffic exchange with the national provider directly, not using foreign providers.

You may contact our specialists to get information, which you is interested in. Having accessed to the Internet from Datagroup Company, you will certainly feel the high quality of our services.