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About company

Datagroup is the national leading telecommunications operator on the telecommunications market.

Since the founding of PJSC Datagroup in 2000, the company has become the serious player on the market of telecommunication technologies. Today, the operator keeps the leading positions on the main segments: wideband Internet access, data transmission, international transit of traffic, satellite communication. The company is the most stable, reliable and progressive fixed-line telecommunications provider.

Datagroup offers to its customers all kinds of professional telecommunication services. The main direction of activity is the organization of channels for data transmission and the connection to the Internet, services of fixed-line and digital telephony, equipment installation, radio and satellite communications, video conferencing and video surveillance. The company has created a national network throughout Ukraine with a special attention for the regions and has become one of the leaders according to the geography of provided communication services.

In 2010 Datagroup presented the brand «Home Telecom», which combines the services of Internet, telephony and television for retail customers. Today the company occupies the strong position in the top 5 players on the market and is one of the fastest growing operators in the broadband access segment.

The main objective of the company is to meet all customers’ needs. The guarantee of success in solving problems of any complexity and scale is designed to achieve high record indexes. Using advanced technology and excellent service, Datagroup offers its customers that kind of product, in which they are most interested in for the dynamic development of their business.

Our mission is to provide quality and affordable communication for any business structure by offering the complex range of fixed-line communications services, combining all types of transport technologies: optical fiber, radio, satellite, and copper.

The main task of the operator is the effective development of modern telecommunications infrastructure, implementation and realization of innovation projects, consolidation of position of the leader in various segments of the telecommunication service market of Ukraine. The qualitative development of the company helps not only to reach the top, but also to preserve the position of the leader. The reliable partner in the field of telecommunications is the key to successful development of any business.

The high achievements of the company are the result of professional and customer-centric work of each individual employee. Today the company employs more than 1,500 highly qualified specialists.

Modern telecommunication infrastructure and constant innovation are the main advantages of Datagroup and allow to work not only in the corporate segment, but also to participate in the development and implementation of major public projects.

Currently Datagroup has its own fiber optic network in all regions of Ukraine with the total length of more than 19 000 km, the newest satellite communication network on the basis of KA-SAT satellite. Datagroup is the leader in VSAT satellite communication segment in Ukraine (85% market share) and Commonwealth of Independent States. 

Datagroup became the first Ukrainian operator, which opened its representative office in Beijing (China) on the basis of Ukrainian House. In 2014, the company completed the implementation of the transcontinental project between Europe and Asia, combining European and Asian continents.