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Open Letter of the Director General of Datagroup, Aleksandr Danchenko, to All Providers of Mobile Communication of Ukraine and Regulatory Agencies


Dear colleagues, friends, partners!

The situation, which emerged in Ukraine, when our country appeared to be on the threshold of war, has forced to address all of you with the open letter I am Ukrainian, I was born, grew up here and I am living in this country, here, my children are growing. I have built my business in Ukraine, and, now, I bear a responsibility for all employees of Datagroup and for their families.

I am calling on all providers of communication of Ukraine, both great and small, to put aside our ambitions, political creed, rivalry and to unite for a fulfilment of those functions, which are imposed on us. We are operators! Telecommunication is one of the strategic branches of any country. Since the dawn of time, operators could communicate each other in a great number of languages: from signal one by flags and Morse Code to languages of a great number of world's nations: Russian, Byelorussian, English and a great number of others. We just ought to maintain an ability to understand each other for the sake of our effective operating.

We ought to remember that there must not be any politics for us, bad or good subscribers, personal emotions and creed. Operators, in any situation, ought to provide a reliable communication, independently of technologies and geography. As the events of last days have shown, even the largest providers of fixed-line telephony of Ukraine, may appear to be powerless alone, under an influence of outside factors.

Also, I address regulatory and other controlling agencies: "How long shall we not be able to protect our interests? Why, for the last three days, unknown persons, connected with the definite state, have been blocking, disconnecting, destroying the equipment of Ukrainian providers? Thus, last years, some providers from neighbouring countries have been working in Ukrainian market without licenses, causing economical damages to the state, as well as to national providers. May be, it is the time to pay attention to the situation and to start protecting rights of Ukrainian operators?"

As the Director General of the national provider of communication, Datagroup, which is supported by the team of professionals, I declare that Datagroup, while using all its technical abilities and resources, is ready to come to the aid of those, who need it: from a provider to legitimate governmental structures of Ukraine. Again, our main goal is the communication, qualitative and reliable. We ought to remember that information, transferred in time, may warn, save and help!

In the assurance of faith in powerful Ukraine,

Aleksandr Danchenko,

The Director General of Datagroup