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Your location Kyiv?

DataHeart is a sports and charity project of Datagroup. The purpose is to attract more people to fitness and to raise money for operations for children with heart defects.

Why we created DataHeart

According to statistics,nearly five thousand children require heart surgeries annually in Ukraine. Timely surgery helps to save the life of a child and in 99% of cases. Operated infants in about 90% of cases have a fully healthy heart and can have a full life: do sports, art and other favourite activities. But, unfortunately, not every family in Ukraine has the financial ability to fund such operations. Datagroup as a socially responsible company constantly strives to help change the life of Ukrainians for the better. That is why we, at the initiative of our employees, created a sports and charity project to help raise funds for surgeries for children and to show that doing sports can improve not only your own life but also those in need!

How it works

Employees of Datagroup, who have the desire to help, can join the project in two ways:

  • do sports and record their training in the system. For each registered training company transfers funds to charity;
  • to help financially and to donate the amount to charity.

Since the beginning of 2019, we have already rescued five child’s hearts. Our first child in ward was 7-month-old Mariia Haidash, who was diagnosed with a congenital heart desease. On May 22, she had a successful surgery to establish a cardiac implant (occluder). The following wards became: Yarynka Stehura (2 years), Snizhana Pancheva (6 years), Bohdan Ustymenko (3 years) and Nadiiaго Skupeiko (9 years). We are currently raising funds to have an operation for a fourteen-year-old girl, Svitlana Likhohod.

Everyone who wants to help can join our project 

We invite all companies of Ukraine to join the DataHeart project. Your employees can register workouts in the system and to donate to young patients. For the training of its staff the partner company will have a report and be able to transfer additional funds to the wards of the project.


If you are the owner or TOP Manager of the company, you see this information and want to join – email us.

If you are an employee of the company – bring this initiative to your supervisor and email us. We will offer the partnership to your company.

Who do we help

The new child in ward of our project is fourteen-year-old Svitlana from the village Romanivka, Kyiv region. Until the age of fourteen, Svitlana considered herself almost healthy, dreamed to enter Nemishaivskyi Agrotechnical College and become a technologist. But somehow, Svitlana began to feel chest pain during physical exertions. After examination, the cardiologists diagnosed “congenital heart disease – atrial septal defect”. She needs an operation to establish a cardiac implant (occluder), the cost of which is 99831 UAH. Without our help, the girl's family can not meet challenge! The family does not have an opportunity to pay for the surgery and purchase an occluder on their own. Let's give Svitlana a healthy and happy life!

This year, the state program for the purchase of occluders (intracardiac implants totaling from 60-100 thousand UAH) for the correction of children's congenital heart disease was partially financed. Now many kids with such a problem can get the occluder for free and be operated. But, since the funding program was partial, some equipment such as the cylinders for measuring the size of the implant were not covered. The cost of one balloon is about 15 000 UAH. But not every family in Ukraine has the financial ability to buy a cylinder. Our company intends to help buy cylinders for children from low income backgrounds. Now the company is raising funds for the purchase of three cylinders to carry out operations for three kids!

We will continue to train and help other kids to get healthy. Because the sport – it's for life!