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Your location Kyiv?
Michael Shelembe

Chief Executive Officer

Mykhailo headed the Datagroup team in the summer of 2016. During the first two years as a leader of the company he managed to conduct a large-scale IT transformation, to initiate an important program of staff development and optimize business processes, what helped to improve business performance. Mykhailo is responsible for developing strategy and implementing operational changes.

Mykhailo Shelemba started his career in the banking sector from Piraeus Bank Ukraine in 2007. Then he led projects for McKinsey Ukraine (2011-2014) and McKinsey Middle East (2014-2016), where he was responsible for projects in the European and middle East regions. Consulted and led projects in banking, telecommunications, mining and other industries.

Mykhailo has graduated from economic faculty of the KNU of Taras Shevchenko.

Nikolay Sakovich

Deputy General Director for commercial issues

Mykola stands at the forefront of the Datagroup company. Since 2001 he was an Executive Director of the Datasat company and after it's merge with Datakom into a single company - Datagroup, he headed the commercial Department and became Deputy General Director for commercial issues. He still holds this position and is responsible for the organization of system of work with clients, the formation and formalization of business processes and regulatory procedures.

Mykola graduated from the radio engineering faculty of KPI, trained in the leading Telecom companies of London and Paris, and also holds an MBA degree from the International management Institute.

Maria Alekseenko

Commercial Director

Maria joined Datagroup in 2005 as a sales specialist of Department on work with budget organizations. From 2008 to 2013, she worked with representatives of the industrial sector and direction of professional data transfer. In 2014 Maria was appointed the Head of business data transmission, and in 2016 – corporate sales department. During this time more than 80% of banks in Ukraine have become customers of Datagroupand along with representatives of retailers, industry, government, and energy sector and other business segments.

In 2018 Maria was appointed as the Commercial Director of Datagroup.

Maria Alekseenko graduated from Kyiv national Trade and economic University, Manager of organizations specialty, Institute of Telecommunication Systems in the field of Security, and also holds an MBA degree from the International management Institute.

Vladimir Lutchenko

Technical Director

Volodymyr headed the technical Department of the company in 2017. He is responsible for introducing new technologies and optimizing the operation of technical Department.

Volodymyr has been working in Telecom for 20 years and during that time he held various positions from sales Director to Director of Department of operational efficiency. He has also work in Life, Uktelecom and Farlep-invest companies. 

Volodymyr Lutchenko has graduated from the radio-technical faculty of KPI.

Vadim Kuntsevich

Director of Finance

Vadim joined the Datagroup team in 2015. In his area of responsibility is improvement of financial performance of the company. Prior to joining the Datagroup Vadim has devoted 13 years to working in the Ukrainian office of KPMG, where he progressed from assistant to Director in the audit Department.

Vadim Kuntsevich graduated from Kyiv Institute of international Affairs of Taras Shevchenko, specialty International economic relations. Today Vadim is a certified auditor of Ukraine, certified auditor of banks in Ukraine and member of ASSA.

Alina Kompanets

Chief Marketing Officer

Alina joined theDatagroup team in April of 2017 and is responsible for the development and implementation of marketing and communication strategy of the company, as well as developing products and services.

Alina has more than 15 years of experience in Telecom and 14 years of management experience in marketing and PR, sales and customer service. For the time of professional activity she was responsible for the development and implementation of marketing strategies, internal and external communications, sales strategy, product strategy development, launch of new products and pricing, rebranding and creation of new brands and managed the sales channels in a number of Telecom companies of Ukraine.

Alina Kompanets graduated from KNU of Taras Shevchenko and the Ukrainian Academy of business and entrepreneurship.

Iryna Kalinichenko

Director of HR department

Irina has joined Datagroup in 2017 as a head of the Department of learning and staff development. Under her leadership, the company has launched distance-learning project for staff and the Personnel reserve program for staff evelopment. In 2018 Irina headed the HR department, the key vectors of which is the formation of the employer brand, increase engagement and loyalty of staff, training, development and adaptation of the company's employees.

Irina has been practising staff development since 2009 had an experience in New line, Ekomarket, IDS Aqua Service companies.

Higher education Irina has received in the National pedagogical University of N. P. Dragomanov.

Marianne Rozumna

Director of the Compliance department and legal support

Marianna joined Datagroup in 2016. Under her leadership the department ensures the development of key areas of legal strategy, the company provides contractual relationship with clients, partners and authorities and representing the company in front of them.

Marianna has experience of working in Ukrainian and foreign law companies. She has graduated from the Kharkiv law Academy named after Yaroslav the Wise, specialty Criminal law and procedure, as well as the Academy of advocacy of Ukraine, specialty commercial law and the process with a lawyer degree.

Artem Gagarin

 Directorof Administartive department

Artem has joined Datagroup in 2016 on the position of head of procurement. In 2017, he headed the administrative Department, which brings together the following areas: procurement, logistics, transport and administration.

Artem has dedicated over 10 years to procurement: before joining Datagroup he headed this direction in Inter Media Group.

Artem has two higher educations: economic and finances, and public administration.

Vladimir Dubey

Director of information systems department

Volodymyr has joined Datagroup in 2003 as Deputy head of technical sales support. In 2005, he headed the corporate sales Department, in 2010 — Department of business data transmission, and in 2015, he heads the information systems department. Today, under his leadership, the company arranges work with users of IT infrastructure and information systems, support and development of information systems, development of it strategy of company development and implementation of new IT projects.

Volodymyr has graduated from Kiev military Institute of control and communication, Kiev Institute of communication at the Ukrainian state Academy of communication of Popov, Institute of municipal management and business, and International management Institute.

Miroslav Vasilina

Deputy CEO on security issues

Myroslav Mykhailovych provides economic and information security of the company, as well as interaction with law enforcement and regulatory agencies. Has higher legal education, is a candidate of legal Sciences, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor and Honored lawyer of Ukraine.