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For Developers

Datagroup offers the complex of telecommunication solutions for developers. For real estate objects of any type we offer modern infrastructure design and a creation, solutions on engineering and security systems provision and administration, the arrangement of telecommunication nodes with further support.

An individual project can be developed and implemented for any type of real estate objects. The construction of the telecommunication system for all types of commercial real estate is executed on turnkey approach, including business-centres, shopping and entertainment malls, office-complexes, logistic parks.

We successfully cooperate with representatives of this field Ukraine-wide. Our specialists consult and implement mutual projects at all stages of object development from its design to operation and maintenance. We supply, install and maintain the leading world's manufacturer telecommunication equipment and also provide round-the-clock technical support for that.

The complex of services, offered for developers by Datagroup, includes:

  • special terms and conditions;
  • investing in the construction and administration of object's telecommunication infrastructure;
  • telecommunication nodes setting;
  • cable input,outside and inside networks setting;
  • optimization of a project investments, own telecommunication infrastructure support;
  • obtaining of necessary documentation, its preparation and coordination;
  • delivery and maintainance of high quality equipment;
  • active attracting of lessees through providing them with complex of highly technological telecommunication services;
  • round-the-clock technical support;
  • warranty service

At any object of commercial real estate lessees can receive the complete set of telecommunication services: high-speed access to the Internet, digital telephony, creation of corporate networks, audio- and video-conferences, leased digital channels of communication, arrangement of facilities in the modern Centre of Data Processing, data protection solutions.

Due to its experience in the large-scale projects implementation Datagroup guarantees the high quality of arrangements and servicing for the object's communication networks and prompt cooperation while solving any issues including improvement and optimization of the existing infrastructure.