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Datagroup is the largest company in Ukraine in the telecommunication services market. It provides its clients with the connection of local loop service. The cooperation with professionals is the guarantee of reliability with the necessary quality of servicing. A client receives high quality services of local, long-distance and international facsimile and telephony communication.

The list of additional opportunities includes:

  • tone dialling;
  • three-parties conference;
  • identification of a calling person;
  • readdressing of a call when the line is busy;
  • readdressing of a call when there is no answer;
  • deactivation of all services

The channel of voice traffic transmission can be digital and analogue in concideration of all established rules of routing.

A local loop allows to connect both ordinary analogue telephone apparatus (FXS interface in equipment) and ports of an office ATS.

Voice Package Network

Datagroup is the first company in Ukraine which constructed the professional voice package network on the basis of Soft Switch Class-5 technology created by Sirpak company. In this configuration the platform consists of 2 territorially spaced Soft Switch located in Kyiv and Khmelnytsk and intended for one million subscribers. Switchers are able to support absolutely all ISDN voice services with IP-telephony protocols  (VoIP) (H.248, MGCP, SIP) and also to provide an input in telephone networks for a common use under ОКС-7 protocol, all possible output of VoIP numeration and to connect office station with IP-PBX, IP-telephony.

To provide an output into regional network for a common use our company uses Media Gateways which operate on the basis of Soft Switch.

Constructed on the basis of highly technological and professional equipment our own main route and primary networks allow to provid almost the same quality of voice service as the inherited TDM technology.

Regardless the environment of data transmission Datagroup company provides all voice services under the control of one Soft Switch.