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Data transmission

Datagroup Company offers services of "data transmission corporate networks' construction", created for clients, which have regional offices, warehouses, shops etc., in Ukraine as well as abroad.

Owing to the professional approach of Datagroup Company to the creation of transporting surface network and its further development around all the territory of Ukraine, a client receives an access to a service of high quality. To increase convenience and accessibility to information, the Service Level Agreement was executed, where it is assigned the main principles of channels' operation, round-the clock monitoring and their working capacity, the supervision over the working capacity of client applications and network equipment, the recovery of network operability in a case of a damage of one or main area.

The divided local networks can be united into the one network, using services of virtual private local networks (VPLS, Virtual Private LAN Services) or VPN of the 2 Level. In addition, a client receives a full control over his/her network and its functionality, as the operator's network is absolutely transparent and it is not seen for the customer's network.

VPLS services are a basis, on which a network for customer's data transmission is built. Besides, clients can receive an access to other services. As for corporate clients, Datagroup Company can not only offer services on construction and maintenance of the surface infrastructure, but it also can construct satellite networks on the basis of VSAT technology. This solution is especially acute in the hard-to-reach areas, and also in a case of reserve channels' creation.