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For Operators

Datagroup offers complex of services for national and foreign operators of communication and Internet-services providers.

Internet-channels (IP-transit)

The total capacity of external IP-channels of Datagroup's network, nowadays, is about 500 Gbit/sec. This gives an opportunity, in addition to continuously growing its own data transmission network, to offer a connection by the following scheme: main channel+reserved channel and/or mutual usage of both independent connection. These solutions allow to provid the higher level of reliability and quality of IP-transit service.

Data transmission services, construction of main optic channels

Managing its own domestic and international fiber-optic communication network, the company offers the following complex of services:

  • providing data transmission channels by DWDM technology, SDH, Ethernet L2, on domestic and international scale;
  • connection to national and international spots of  IP-traffic exchange and data-centres;
  • providing financial services access (SWIFT, Reuters,NBU etc.)

Setting of “the last mile"access channels

Datagroup provides services of access channels building and support which connect main telecommunication platforms of communication operators and providers with their end users’ networks (so called "last mile" service). To build the "last mile" channels, the company use its own urban fibre-optic and xDSL networks and radio solutions in about 100 cities of Ukraine. In cooperation with partner companies it is possible to provide the service in 90% of settlements of the country. Owing to the availability of own nodes of communication in Europe, Russia, North America and Asia and to partner relationships with a great number of foreign operators, our company also offers this service overseas.

International Telephony (origination, transit)

Datagroup has a license for providing international communication services, and also has its own infrastructure, necessary for the termination of international traffic into all countries of the world in the international operator's networks.

The connection is executed, using VOIP technologies, SIP, H323 alarm protocols, a great number of codes. Client's traffic serves several Soft Switches included in fault-tolerant telecommunication infrastructure.

Termination of International Traffic at the PSTN of Ukraine and the mobile communication operators' network

Datagroup is rapidly developing throughout the regions. Company's specialists are permanently executing operations on the networks unification with regional operators and also with national fixed and mobile operators.

All that will give us an opportunity to terminate foreign traffic qualitatively to the network of common use in Ukraine, mobile operators networks, Datagroup and associated companies networks.