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For Corporate Customers

An access to the Internet and a use of high-technology have profoundly changed the traditional way of business conduction. The success of any enterprise depends on the involvement of communication channels, operativeness and reliability of communication. That is why, the main goal of Datagroup company is to arranger available and effective access to the Internet for its clients, and the main aim is to guarantee a ticket to success in solving IT-tasks of any level of difficulty and scale, to offer the solutions intended for an achievement of the extremely high indicators.

Datagroups' specialists is a united team of professionals, who have many years of operating experience in the field of telecommunication. Reliability, high quality and stability of services are provided by own fibre-optic communication channels, modern equipment of the world's leading manufacturer, cooperation with the leading route operators.

There are highly technological projects developed for the governmental sector, the large business (energetics, agriculture, logistics, retal) in a Datagroup portfolio. The company serves all spectrum of clients from large to small ones.

One of the main Datagroup services is the unification of wide area subdivisions and offices in order to serve and conduct a business effectively.

The creation of a corporate network and the unification of offices will allow your company to bring value to your business, it will make a document circulation inside your company easier and also improve the cooperation between employees and creates an integrated network.Ukraine-wide coverage area allows to connect to a corporate network new branches and offices in a short time.

The integrated network provides a wide spectrum of possibilities:

  • All- workplace-outreach in the on-line mode
  • Guarantee of confidentiality and safety
  • Access to the resources or corporate network remotely: integrated clients database, servers of accounting, security system and video surveillance
  • High-speed access to the Internet
  • Distribution of the large volume data to one or several addresses
  • Possibility to reserve a service at all levels
  • Highly qualified technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Trust Datagroup's experts to design and implement the best solution capable to develop together with a growth of your business. We supply, install and a service the telecommunication equipment of the leading global manufacturers and also provide round-the-clock technical support for that.

The company attempts to render high level servicesl and provides users with a quality guarantee by the means of special agreement concerning the level of servicing (Service Level Agreement). As a result a customer receives the whole control over its network and its functioning.

In addition to the complex professional approach in constructing and developing of transporting surface network, the company offers and constructs satellite networks on the basis of VSAT technology. These solutions are especially acute in the hard-to-reach areas and when constructing the reserve channels.

Our specialists have an individual approach to each request taking into account all wishes and requirements, they help determine the optimal solution for you. High carrying capacity of the network provides a reliable operation of any modern multimedia applications. Round-the-clock monitoring and reserve channels guarantee a comfortable operation with us as a partner solving your telecommunication tasks.