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Protection from DDos attacks

The main purpose of DDos attacks - to disable computing system by the means of creation of conditions, in which valid users cannot access servers and other important networks resources, along with that, the flows of valid network traffic can be completely blocked. DDos attacks are determined against a network infrastructure of host-systems, and as a result servicing of clients and users is interrupted. They are used by criminals to make difficult exactions. Companies, affected by the attacks, may incur huge losses.

The cost of protection from DDos attacks is sufficient, but it is necessary for permanent functioning of a business in the "non-stop" mode, round-the-clock.

The most effective measure of protection from DDos attacks is considered to be the traffic detection up to the moment when they are already in a network resource. For the effective suppression of DDos attacks, there is a need in the special architecture of operative level, which could detect a malicious traffic and to suppress the most masked and difficult attacks.

Datagroup Company offers its clients hardware & software complex of operative level from Cisco Company to solve this problem, which is able to provide the advanced protection of the Internet-traffic. This complex has combined perfectly 3 functions inside itself: detection, suppression and filtration of the anomalous traffic in the real time. The function of suppression allows separating an ordinary traffic from anomalous one accurately, blocking the last one.

For the telecommunication market of Ukraine - this is a unique offer from the leader of controllable services - Cisco Services. The effective cooperation with Cisco gives an opportunity for Datagroup Company to offer to its clients the effective, controllable protection from DDoS attacks. We offer not just to block attacking addresses, but also to separate the ordinary traffic from the malicious one, not disturbing business-processes.

"Protection from DDoS attacks" service provides the following advantages:

  • Suppresses DDoS attacks in the real time mode;
  • Has 7-levels' intellectual system of protection from the anomalous traffic;
  • Provides the advanced protection for all centres of data and critical resources' processing, including DNS/DHCP servers, web-servers etc.;
  • Guarantees the continuous work of a business, owing to the good protection of outcoming current;
  • Provides on-line access to the administration and statistics of a service.

Description of Operation and Service Administration

At the first stage, Cisco Anomaly Guard is accurately analysing client's traffic for ten minutes, creating the configuration of safety parameters. Then, for twenty-four hours, the module is studying parameters of Your traffic, while forming the detailed description. It allows separating the ordinary traffic from the anomalous one and protecting all of your resources in the shortest terms.

You can administer the "Protection from DDoS attacks" service easy and convenient, owing to the web-interface, which allows detecting a situation, in the real time mode. To provide the protection from an attack, it is necessary to press «Protect» button, and soon, after having conducted analyse, the operability of a recourse and the situation in a network turns back to the normal mode.

Module Operation Algorithm in a Case of DDoS attack:

  • Cisco Anomaly Guard's Detector found an attack;
  • A client sends a command to start the protection to the Module via the web-interface;
  • The Module, using the special mechanism, "transfers" the route to the IP under attack via itself, while processing useful as well as anomalous traffic;
  • In the Module, the anomalous traffic (spam, DDoS-attack, viruses) is detected and sieved, and the ordinary traffic transfers to client's segment;
  • Basing on the results of operation, if necessary, an investigation may be held and law enforcement authorities may be involved.

Module's Efficiency

Most recently, DDoS attacks in Ukraine were made rarely and often they did not have large scales. Today, the situation has changed, in 2009, Datagroup's employees fixed several strong attacks, addressed company's clients, that is why we could conclude that this phenomenon has been spinning up at the territory of Ukraine.