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High technologies in the Hotel & Restaurant business from Datagroup. The tendencies of scientific progress rapid development find its reflection in the Hotel & Restaurant Business.

Today, it is difficult to imagine our life without a mobile phone, a laptop and other know-how of hi-techs, which allow to stay on-line not only for a work and business activity, but also for leisure, communications with friends and natives. For HoReCa enterprises our company offers the whole complex of telecommunication services that allows to improve a public place appeal in visitors' eyes and ease your staff’s work.

One of the tools to form a database of regular customers is the high level of telecommunication service. Notwithstanding a style of a hotel or a size of a café the Internet-access is a bonus, and the absence of it is a huge disadvantage. And it is not a secret that when choosing a hotel or a café, the sufficient criterion is the availability of Internet-access far and wide: in a lobby, in a room, at your table.

The complex of telecommunication services for HoReCa-market's enterprises gives an opportunity to please each customer and to increase the competitiveness in the market of hotel business.

Datagroup Company provides the Internet-access via the wireless network for visitors of:

  • restaurants;
  • bars;
  • cafés;
  • shopping malls;
  • cinemas;
  • other public places

While setting telecommunication infrastructure for HoReCa market, Datagroup company bases on the newest achievements in this field:

  • telephone communication, conference communications, automatic call to a subscriber, readdressing and reversing calls;
  • broadband access to the Internet with a possibility to connect via the Wi-Fi technology;
  •  wireless communication inside all the complex;
  • video-conference communication;
  • digital television;
  • reliable provision of all payment systems' operation

Wi-Fi technologies are very popular in the telecommunication market. Throughout a complex Datagroup specialists install spots of wireless access to the Internet on the basis of Wi-Fi technology. It is worth saying that the adjustments of a channel are executed individually. There is a possibility to divide services for an open and a closed system of access that is for a common use and for the administration. An access for its visitors is free of a charge.

Telecommunication solutions from Datagroup for the hotels and restaurants’ visitors allow to take advantage of the following additional opportunities:

  • safety;
  • speed limit: allows to adjust a speed, provided for the visitors for  Internet-access;  to keep the minimum guaranteed speed of connection, reguardless the amount of visitors, for the need of an establishment;
  • installation and basic setting of Wi-Fi equipment;
  • automatic connection without any additional settings

Based on years of operating experience, Datagroup also offers its clients the service of a multiuser audio-conference and a web-cast.

Datagroup Company helps its clients to arrange web-cats of any events:

  • presentations;
  • exhibitions;
  • sport evenst;
  • conferences;
  • training courses;
  • concerts
  • autolinked terminals connection, clients do not need to make any additional settings

Wi-Fi network availability allows to attract well-off and loyal visitors to the establishment. The data transmitted via Wi-Fi network are reliably protected by modern cryptoalgorithms.