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Videoconference is a service, allowing to create a session of communication between the territorially spaced users, including an exchange with video- and audio information in the real time mode, an ordinary speech and other useful functions.

Datagroup's videoconferences allow:

  • To gather and to process operatively information in the remote access mode;
  • To execute promptly a consultation, a meeting, a discussion and an expertise;
  • To decline expenditures for employees' business trips;
  • To train employees remotely.

Videoconference has become an irreplaceable assistant in the operation of a company with a wide network of branches. Using this technology, expenditures for information transmission can be declined, managing staff's working productivity can be maximally increased and current business tasks can be effectively solved.

Datagroup Company owns a wide range of possibilities and can arrange a videoconference, paying attention to the client's wishes. There are solutions for an ordinary exchange with audio- and video-messages, as well as those, which allow uniting remote subdivisions of a company into the one virtual office. A client receives all measures (video-document history, exchanging video, audio and test messages) to conduct a large corporative conference.