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WI-FI Network Arrangement

Wi-Fi technologies are very popular in the telecommunication market. It is a great solution for both small and large offices. The main advantage is the absence of wires which makes it possible to move easily around the entire office being connected to the e-mail and other Internet-services.

The service itself involves the standard Wi-Fi infrastructure setting in a client’s office using SCS arrangements from the Internet-access equipment and also the installation of basic set of Wi-Fi equipment. Data transmitted via Wi-Fi network is reliably protected by modern cryptoalgorithms.

It protects your business from criminals attacks and completely excludes a threat of breach of confidentiality.

The arrangement of authentication standard systems, safety, specific users profiles, billing  are individual cases and they should be discussed separately as far as additional equipment needs to be installed (servers, fire walls, SW) and the involvement of R&D Department's specialists is required. In addition, for these tasks SAP configuration must be used, but terms and connection types for such projects should be fixed individually.