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Contact-Centre Arrangement

Clients, to the great extent, determine the successful development of a company, that is why the main goal of a business - to establish connections, to build up long, reliable relations with existing and potential clients, analysing information, provided by them. The success of any company depends of this task solving.

Anyway, a profit for a company is brought by clients, who want a quick response, effectiveness and convenience, that is why here the issue of quality is extremely acute. If you want to manage your contact-centre by yourselves, without sufficient expenditures, while saving confidential information, Datagroup Company offers you the optimal solution - the "Contact-Centre Upon Request" service. It is convenient, when the specially educated people work with clients, with the perfect communicative skills, and you do not need to think about a space, a staff, a purchase of expensive equipment and other problems.

Using the "Contact-Centre Upon Request" service, you receive for a rent the remote workplaces with the powerful functionality of Contact-Centre, staring from a function of talk recording up to a function of calls' order administration and their prioritization. In addition, you need only computers, connected to the Internet, and the personnel, the remaining is our care.

The "Contact-Centre Upon Request" - an excellent example of the conception, famous all over the world, Software as a Service (SaaS), which demonstrates a new approach in IT-services rendering, which is the future. Such famous brands as Samsung, British Telecom, Sony, Land Rover, Air France, BASF have already made sure of its effectiveness. The "Contact-Centre Upon Request" is winning the CIS's market and already now it can start to work for your business prosperity.

0-800 Service

0-800 service allows client receiving the sole telephone line to accept calls from fixed telephones. Calls are paid by the customer, and not an initiator of a call, notwithstanding a region. Only for subscribers of mobile communication, an access to "0-800" service is chargeable, a charge is determined by a mobile communication operator.

«0–800» number is used for the creation of hot-lines, promotions and marketing surveys, for the creation of a contact-centre and a line of client and technical support. This service is the best solution for companies, which wish to receive the maximum quantity of calls from the subscribers from all Ukraine's cities.

How does it work?

A client receives a single national telephone number in the format: 0-800-21-хххх, where 0 - the code of entrance to the long-distance network, 800 - the code of service itself, 21 - the code of Datagroup operator, xxxx - digits, which can by chosen by a client on his/her own. Calls to this number are readdressed by the Operator to the Client's telephone numbers.

For example, a multichannel (serial) number can be used to process incoming calls of «0-800» number: several lines with a common telephone number and the specified order of calls' distribution among lines.


  • comfort: a free of a charge number for regional subdivisions of Your enterprise around the whole Ukraine;
  • Flexibility: your line can work according to the schedule, specified by you, even round-the-clock;
  • accessibility: it can be called from all telephone numbers;
  • saving: all calls for clients and partners will be free of a charge, that is why they will call more frequently and more willingly.