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Events' Web-Cast

The web-cast service made it possible to capture a wide range of viewers auditory. Wide-spreading of broadcasting Internet allows Internet clients to use video as the most convenient, effective and valid form of information representation.

Datagroup company helps its clients to arrange web-cats of any events:

  • presentation;
  • exhibition;
  • sport event;
  • conference;
  • training course;
  • concert

Datagroup Company is able to create the Internet-channel at the place of casting, to arrange a direct transmission in the Internet (for instance, at a customer’s site or at any other resource chosen by him/her), and also to provide a client with all necessary audio- and video-equipment (video-cameras, microphones etc.)

To watch a video-cast a client must locate on his/her site a code of video-player provided by the company's specialists. At the end of a web-cast a client may receive the disk with materials of the web-cast.

A Web-Cast Arrangement service includes:

  • specialists’ support at the place of a web-cast;
  • video- and audio-equipment installation and its tunning;
  • rent or arrangement of the Internet channel;
  • broadcasting

To arrange a web-cast a client needs a good symmetrical channel of the Internet-access at the place of a web-cast. The minimum speed of a communication channel is 2 Mbit/sec. If the speed is 512 Kbit/sec the web-cast executes with the TV-quality (resolution 720×576).