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Ready-to-Use Solutions

Datagroup offers the ready-to-use telecommunication solution for the effective functioning of the most important business-processes of clients. The ready-to-use solutions allow to reduce the costs significantly and increase productivity of a business implementing advanced technologies.

The operator does not only construct channels and telephony in a company but it also offers services which ease business operations. Services and ready-to-use solutions allow Datagroup's clients to avoid the key functions duplication, give an opportunity for managers to focus on the strategical development of their business, to enhance its controllability, to increase operating effectiveness.

The services include:

Corporate video- and audio-conferences

The services save your time necessary for business trips and solve a lot of problems promptly without going out from an office. The solutions for video- and audio ISEE chat - is a cost-saving, reliable and ease-to-control service for communication with your colleagues in any part of the world.

Events Web-Cast

The full complex of services for the in-line cast events arrangement permit to cover a wide range of viewers auditory. Datagroup high-speed Internet allows using video as the most convenient, effective and reliable form of supplying information.

WіFі Network Arrangement

Wireless acces Internet service involves standard WiFi infrastructure in client's office such as arranging of Internet-access and establishing of basic WiFi equipment set.

Contact-Centre Arrangement

An outsourcing contact-centre at highly professional level provides services for incoming and outcoming telephone calls by its operators on account of customer, as per his/her order and on behalf of him/her.

Datagroup individual approach to each separate corporative segment holds standard of servicing at the highest level owing to the company's powerful resources and the professional team.  It is easy and effective to improve quality and effectiveness with the help of Datagroup ready-to-use solution.