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Considering permanently growing needs of clients, Datagroup Company has launched new Data-Centre, created in the accordance with Tier III norms of TIA 942 standard. The development has been conducted in the close and profitable cooperation with Oktava Company, the President of which is Aleksandr Kardakov. The total cost of this project is more than USD 2 mln., the Data-Centre's capacity is 3 thousand units, the total power of equipment, which can be located in the Data-Centre id 200 kW.

All clients of the Data-Centre will be able to use in full the resources of its own national DWDM-network of Datagroup Company, carrying capacity of external channels of which is 25 Gbit/sec. A lot of clients have already managed to appreciate all advantages of the Data-Centre innovation.

Power supply is executed according to the 1st category of special group - the system of diesel generator, plus 2 separate input feeders. While constructing the system of no-break power N+1 scheme was used. Each box is equipped with two separate lines of power supply from UPS-system.

In the Data-Centre, zoned cooling system is applied with components, which are reserved under N+1 scheme.

There is the automatic gas suppression system In the Data-Centre, which is absolutely safe for equipment and allows liquidating a hotbed of fire in the shortest terms.

By the means of monitoring system, the control over all engineering systems' of the Data-Centre is conducted. The technical support is held 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, the Data-Centre has the reliable system of access control and is guarded round-the-clock.

The spaces can be rented in the Data-Centre, where clients may install their own boxes with equipment.

The Data-Centre locates at the address: Kyiv, 31/33 Smolenskaya St.

Colocation is a service, which allows a client to locate telecommunication equipment at the technical site of the Operator, in the Data-Centre in 19″ frames.

While renting equipment, the Client may use the additional services:

  • data transmission channels;
  • Internet access;
  • PRI-flows;
  • traditional telephony.

A client can save expenditures for an arrangement of:

  • gas suppression system;
  • reservation of services, which are supplied on resources;
  • backup power supply;
  • wide dedicated line of communication with its resources;
  • special climate systems.

A client may locate equipment separately, as well as in the rented frames. As for the companies, which are generators of IP-traffics, there is a special partnership program.