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Satellite network

In 2002, Datagroup Company has put into operation the complex of satellite communication of Hughes Network System DirecWay HUB, which has wide functional capacities with the compulsory reserving. In February 2006, the second complex was installed, in order to enlarge the whole productive capacity of Datagroup's satellite network, to which more than 5 thous. of clients' terminals were connected. At the beginning of 2013, a new service, Internet Boom, was implemented under TooWay technology (Ка-сат) that allowed representing much higher speeds for the Internet-connection. At the end of 2013, the modernization of Network System DirecWay, the old complex, was executed.

HUB-complexes use different satellites - AB1 (Euro Bird 1) and Eutelsat-W2 (16 degrees of west longitude). The second satellite, owing to larger map of a coverage, allowed enlarging sufficiently the area of servicing and using the antenna with diameter 0,8—1,0 m. Using the system of DirecWay HUB, Datagroup Company has managed to create the protected, effective, interactive channel of communication of high quality with thousands of remote terminals.

The satellite communication systems allow obtaining the following advantages:

  • permanent accessibility of communication for all spots in the area of satellite servicing;
  • quick putting into operation of all terminals absolutely, notwithstanding their location;
  • broadband communication services;
  • round-the-clock non-stop servicing;
  • effective transmission of multi-addressing and broadcasting messages.

On the basis of DirecWay HUB, all types of transmissible information operate reliably and stable - data, video, voice.

On the basis of TooWay, the high speed of connection can be provided, satisfying the modern requirements.

DW6040 (or VAP) unit of telephone communication was created in order to provide telephone connections of high quality via the system of DirectWay. To connect facsimile or telephone apparatus via two-wired FXS line, VAP unit of telephone connection has four ports. G.729 codes is applied to encrypt speech with the speed of 8 Kbit/sec. Telephony unit can transmit faxes with the speed of 9,6 Kbit/sec.