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Olympic Datagroup


In spring, 2012, Datagroup and Olimpiyskiy National Sport Complex have signed the long-term contract on partnership.

Datagroup has become the first operator, which laid two separate optic channels of communication with the capacity of 110 Mbit/sec for Olimpiyskiy NSC. All operations were executed before the Stadium's opening. Olimpiyskiy uses the communication channels to arrange the qualitative on-line broadcast in the Internet (during evens, which is organized by the NSC), to maintain WI-FI network's operation at the Stadium's territory, to have a public access to the Internet and for a work of the internal services of the Stadium.

In addition to the technical provision of the mains sport arena of Ukraine, Datagroup actively participates in social and welfare projects of the Stadium.

In summer, 2013, being financially assisted by Datargroup, the Museum of Sports History was opened at the territory of Olimpiyskiy NSK. The opening was made in the honour of the Stadium's 90th Anniversary. The purpose of this project is to tell children and adults about those historical events which has been taking place at NSC since 1923.