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Elections On-Line: Datagroup Constructed Modern System of Satellite Communication


Datagroup was one of the operators, who have constructed the system of communication for video surveillance over the election of People's Deputies of Ukraine on the 28th of October 2012. Datagroup has jointed the project in September 2012, having signed the contract with the General Contractor, Sitronics Informational Technologies of Ukraine Company. As participants of the project also were such operators: Ukrtelecom, MTS, Intertelecom and WDA.

The total quantity of election centres, which were connected by Datagroup - 12 600 of 31 188. Those were the hard-to-reach areas in all regions of Ukraine, where was no telecommunication infrastructure at all.

Datagroup has connected all election centres via the modern satellite technology, operating in Ka-band, which operates on the KA-SAT satellite. The company is the only operator in Ukraine, which has a license for the right to use frequencies in Ka-band.

The Stages of Satellite Station Network's Construction within the Bounds of the Project:

1st Stage: The construction of a logical ring over Europe for landing traffic from eight satellite's gateways, routing of traffic and its connection to two data-centre in Frankfurt (Germany).

2nd Stage: The construction of a logical ring from Frankfurt to Ukraine. The creation of different surface routes in order to provide 100% reservation.

3rd Stage: The construction of two gateways with Ukrtelecom to transmit data to the operator's data-centre, where the video-servers were assembled.

4th Stage: The Arrangement of logical interactions of boundary routing of Datagroup and Ukrtelecom inside Ukraine.

5th Stage: The mass installation of satellite communication system.

The entire project was implemented in the shortest terms - one month. For all installations teams (total 450 - around all Ukraine), about 30 manuals on the assembly of satellite stations and PAK were prepared.

To serve the network, the special SW was created, in which databases over the entire business-process were forming, and calculating and controlling of technical specification was executing. In the Project's Support Service 15 persons were engaged, who processed 2600 application on the date of election. The period to eliminate technical defects at the sites was 2 hours for maximum.