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Datagroup and Borys Clinic Implements Innovations in Medicine


On the basis of the modern clinic, Borys, Datagroup has put into operation a unique Wi-Fi network to implement the Mobile Physicians Project.

The Wi-Fi network unites all hospital's subdivisions with each other, providing physicians and medical staff with the around-the-clock protected access to patients' medical data.

Datagroup has covered the main office of Borys Clinic with Wi-Fi network, address: 12a Bazhana Av. The network is constructed exclusively for internal needs without the limitation for the Internet-access.

Before having implemented computer technologies into medicine, the medical staff spent a lot of time to obtain results of analyse or different examination, or to collect information, especially if a physician went outside the clinic. New approaches in the technical equipment of medical institutions imply that all results (including X-rays, cardiograms and others) are stored in digital form. Such an approach simplifies a care of patients.

The implementation of the project began in September 2009 and was finished in 2010.