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Aleksandr Danchenko Addressed Governmental Authority with the Open Letter

THE OPEN LETTER. Ukraine is on the threshold of a decisive choice - the election of People's deputies of Ukraine will take place on the 26th of October 2014. This is provided with one more chance to change the state for the better. Except the external enemy...


Aleksandr Danchenko Negotiated Million-Strong Investments in Ukraine

Aleksandr Danchenko, the Director General of Datagroup national provider of communication, an expert of Samopomich Public Association, conducted the negotiation in Beijing with the Chairman and the Director General of Xinwei Telecom Enterprise Group Telecommunication Corporation...


Aleksandr Danchenko Participated Ukrainian House Opening in China

The Ukrainian House was opened in Beijing (China) on the 17th of September 2014. The following people participated the opening ceremony: Oleg Dyomin, the Ambassador of Ukraine in China; Wang Jing, the Director General of Xinwei Telecom Enterprise Group Company; Aleksandr Danchenko, the Director General of Datagroup...


Aleksandr Danchenko: "Call and you will get an answer!"

Now, the communication obtains a kind of social tint. But a business is a business, does Datagroup somehow participate in supporting ATO? As for me, this is an important and very painful issue. In the conditions, in which Ukraine lives, the communication bears a strategic function, and I think it is not necessary to explain why.


Datagroup Undertakes Works on Communication Arrangement in ATO Area

Datagroup, the national provider of communication in Ukraine, has conducted the complex of works on providing the governmental authorities for special purposes, and also the soldiers in ATO area, with the qualitative and secure communication.


New Level of Business Communication - Datagroup Outsourcing Contact-Centre

The need in optimizing of communicational work with mass branch clients led to the high growing rate of concern of many business-structures in the services of modern and highly intellectual centres of calls' processing (call- or contact-centres).


The First Winners of Datagroup's Online Ukraine Project are Known

Starting from June 2014, the Online Ukraine Social Project has started, which was initiated by Datagroup national provider of communication. The main aim of the project is the popularization of the most beautiful, popular and little-known historical and natural places of such a large and yet not-explored country as Ukraine.


Datagroup Continues Developing Telemedicine in Ukraine

Datagroup national provider of communication, in the cooperation with Open Harts of Ukraine Welfare Foundation, continues implementing the National Telemedicine Network Project in Ukraine. The project is developing under the Ministry of Health's support.


Datagroup Became the Main Provider of Communication Services for Ukraerorukh Governmental Enterprise

Datagroup national provider of communication announced about its win in the open tender of the governmental enterprise, servicing air transport of Ukraine (Ukraerorukh). The key goals of Ukraerorukh...