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New Level of Business Communication - Datagroup Outsourcing Contact-Centre


The need in optimizing of communicational work with mass branch clients led to the high growing rate of concern of many business-structures in the services of modern and highly intellectual centres of calls' processing (call- or contact-centres). Definitions "call-centre" and "contact-centre" in the professional practice are totally different products, implying different sets of services. A contact-centre differs from a call-centre with a wider range of possibilities and functionalities, it can process different means of communication over the all known channels of connection, and not only the voice traffic. Thus, the functionality of a call-centre is included in the compound of modern contact-centre, and it is its structural part.

Considering the market of contact-centres in Ukraine, it is worth distinguishing its two segments - services of outsourcing and commercial contact-centres themselves, the services of which are completely used by a company-owner. Lastly, it became much more profitable to entrust processing of calls to external outsourcing structures. In these cases, a core business must not be engaged in the functions, non-relevant for it: to develop areas and field of activity, non-specific for it. It may cause additional expenditures and a decline in efficiency. Particularly, a creation of a modern call-centre needs not only arranging efforts and financial investments, but it also implies the availability of a serious experience and a regular modernization in this field. Datagroup outsourcing contact-centre is intended to solve all these problems effectively.

Organizations, using services of Datagroup outsourcing contact-centre, must not think on buying or renting premises and, that is of utmost importance, high-cost equipment, and also on arranging of new workplaces, personnel training. The only budget item is a charge for rendered services.

Datagroup outsourcing contact-centre, at a highly professional level, executes servicing of Internet-applications, incoming and outcoming telephone calls by centre's operators for interests of a customer, according to the given task. Trained operators act under the developed plan, owing to that a talk becomes at most meaningful, informative and productive, and client servicing is conducted at higher level. Additional advantages for administrators - the control over employees' work and additional analytic information.

Datagroup contact-centre can serve such incoming services as hot-line, orders' reception service, technical support service, informational line of a company, personal virtual secretary. Questionnaires and interviews, telemarketing for B2C and B2B, database actualization, auto-informing are also included into incoming services. Besides, the contact-centre supports the functions of SMS-sending, IT-outsourcing, IVR automatic voice services, it provides an assistance for users by the means of web-chat and e-mail questionnaires. Along with that, reporting should be agreed with a customer and provided in accordance with KPI criteria.

The Company's specialists conduct an adjustment of the voice menu (Interactive Voice Response), training and a certification of operators, an adjustment of a separate system for clients' requests monitoring (Ticket system). On the basis of on-line information, operators have a possibility to know more and earlier about a client, who is calling, his/her category and an area of his/her interests, to the extent of the history of calls of this client. It is provided a possibility to create databases on the frequently asked questions and responses, to serve electric requests (an e-mail, requests from sites, a web-chat), to fix claims and its quick redirection to customer's employees in charge, to work with client's objections.

Owing to powerful technical resources of Datagroup, clients are provided with an opportunity to use the unlimited number of telephone lines, modern communicational infrastructure of the provider, specialized software, around-the clock IT-support. There can be enabled up to 500 operator's places with a possibility to process 300 000 calls per a day in the structure. At all stages, a customer receives an opportunity to monitor the operation of personnel and to correct a situation quickly. The contact-centre's employees can provide a support for clients on bank products, an acceptance and processing of orders, a telephone support for promotional events, questionnaires, they can conduct consultations, presentations, accept claims and offers, support feedbacks etc.

The advantages of services of Datagroup's outsourcing contact-centre are obvious: making a call each client receives the highest quality of servicing, and a growth in clients' loyalty is extremely important constituent of a successful business. We would point out that, at the same time, the contact-centre helps its clients to optimize all business-processes qualitatively and effectively, to avoid overlapping of their key functions, to give administrators an opportunity to focus on the strategic development of a business, to enhance its managing ability, to increase its work effectiveness, using others' experience, to implement leading technologies, to increase quality and reliability of servicing. Along with this, the Company offers complex services of a remote office, as well as a solution for individual tasks. Datagroup outsourcing contact-centre is an effective tool of the interactive interactions of a company with its clients.

To register an order or to get acquaintance with more detailed information on the outsourcing contact-centre's services, please, contact the following phone numbers: (0800) 212202, (044) 3656565. Our Company's experts would answer your questions with pleasure.