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“Home telecom” turned 6


The Ukrainian Internet market has been the most dynamic in Europe and has grown by 15% and reached 14 million people by the number of users in 2010. It was then when the brand "Home Telecom" appeared on the national telecom market, developed by Datagroup national communications operator. This well-known brand in the access market is celebrating its sixth birthday in September.

Home Telecom serves almost 50 settlements today, and the total number of users exceeds 200 thousand. According to the estimates of the Expert & Consulting research company, the results of the second quarter of 2016 put Home Telecom from Datagroup on the 6th position of the top 10 providers in the market of broadband (broadband) Internet access.

When connecting, Home Telecom uses the latest optical technologies - Ethernet and FTTB ("fiber to every home"). In order to provide Internet access in remote corners of Ukraine, our experts also use radio-relay communication lines or wireless internet, which provides high-speed data exchange. The provider also uses an ADSL technology, where Internet connection is enabled through a conventional telephone line, which also expands our user database.

Another way to transfer data from Home Telecom is via satellite Internet, which allows to organize uninterrupted access to the network in any location in Ukraine.

In addition to the Internet, Home Telecom provides telephone and television services in Ukraine.

Home Telecom is an active part in the social life of its users, supporting sports, entertainment and educational initiatives and activities throughout the whole Ukraine.

In hindsight, we can state that for 6 years the "Home Telecom" brand have become really popular throughout 6 years, and our experts do their best to ensure that our favorite customers get quality communication and uninterrupted internet access.