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Datagroup Undertakes Works on Communication Arrangement in ATO Area


Datagroup, the national provider of communication in Ukraine, has conducted the complex of works on providing the governmental authorities for special purposes, and also the soldiers in ATO area, with the qualitative and secure communication.

"We understand, as nobody else, that a communication is one f strategic tools in the period of any military acts' conduction. Information, transferred in time, may save human lives. Unfortunately, the state, in the most critical moment, has stayed without networks for special purposes, while disabling itself an opportunity to conduct informational flows in ATO area quickly", - Aleksandr Danchenko, the Director General of Datagroup, commented.

As for the end of August of current year, the project on a provision of communication services in ATO area was implemented in cooperation with the SSU Also, basing on the SSU's task, the operation of call-centre for a "hot" line was arranged to receive calls from the citizens of Ukraine concerning a threat of terrorism, separatism and subversive activity.

The system of video surveillance in filtration camps for refugees was developed. The system provides an opportunity to arrange videoconferences.

Datagroup arranged protected channels of data transmission for the separate battalions: Kyiv-2 and Aydar.

The modern mobile complex apparatus communications are developing for the State Boarder Guard Service to arrange the operative management for the state boarder protection, to provide operation groups and military subdivisions with communication.

"Almost all projects, which are currently implementing by Datagroup to provide communication in ATO area, are built upon the basis of satellite technologies. At this moment, this is the most secure and fail-safe technology for data transmission. While implementing projects, we focus on the experience of Europe and the USA. By the way, that is the USA, where 60% of the military industry's communication is built upon the basement of satellite technologies", - Aleksandr Danchenko comments.

All operations on the development and installation of communication nodes in ATO area as well as at safe territories are conducted by the means of Datagroup technical specialists' forces. In addition to the provision of its own technical solutions, the Company provided the non-repayable financial aid for soldiers in ATO area in the total amount about UAH 6 mln. The used funds were spared for a purchase of personal protection equipment, and also for essentials. Besides, Datagroup undertook expenditures for equipping company's employees, who are called upon for military services in ATO area.