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Datagroup Became the Main Provider of Communication Services for Ukraerorukh Governmental Enterprise


Datagroup national provider of communication announced about its win in the open tender of the governmental enterprise, servicing air transport of Ukraine (Ukraerorukh).

The key goals of Ukraerorukh are: the arrangement of a transportation in the air space of Ukraine, the arrangement of radio & technical support to serve air transportation, the provision of an activity and a development of subdivisions of the unified civil & military system of air transportation organization, the arrangement of alarming and the participation in rescue and recovery operations, etc.

"For Datagroup, wining the tender became the logical continuation of cooperation with Ukraerorukh, which was started yet in 2009. We are aware of full responsibility, which is laid upon us as for the implementation of this project, because the safety of flights in the air space of Ukraine depends on the qualitative communication services" - Aleksandr Danchenko, the Director General of Datagroup commented.

According to the tender's terms and conditions, Datagrour will implement all complex of telecommunication solutions for the Governmental Enterprise until the end of 2015. The provider's offer was recognised the best due to the fact, that Datagroup is able to provide connection of all Ukraerorukh's objects, which are far enough from communication networks (more than 10 km). In the bounds of the cooperation, Datagroup will provide: the arrangement of FOCL, the modernization of main routes on the basis of Cisco equipment, the development of communication nodes at the territory of Ukraerorukh's objects. All communication nodes will be completed with active Cisco equipment that will become one of the most important elements of Ukraerorukh's data transmission infrastructure. Datagroup will be providing communication services until 2024. The contractual price is UAH 344 mln. At the first stage, the provider invests in the project UAH 80 mln.

The implementation of Ukraerorukh's project is a next step in the development of servicing corporate clients of Datagroup. Except the construction of data transmission channels, the provider undertook responsibilities to install, adjust and maintain the telecommunication equipment. For Datagroup, it means a transfer from a communication services' supplier to the full-fledged service-provider: the client's internal infrastructure in some of its elements transforms into an integrate service of communication channel and equipment servicing.

It is worth to mention that Datagroup undertakes the responsibility to monitor the quality of operating in the network around-the clock, within the bounds of SLA (Service Level Agreement).