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Datagroup Continues Developing Telemedicine in Ukraine


Datagroup national provider of communication, in the cooperation with Open Harts of Ukraine Welfare Foundation, continues implementing the National Telemedicine Network Project in Ukraine. The project is developing under the Ministry of Health's support. During the last year, the whole complex of works was completed, the aim of which is to enlarge a possibility to receive a professional consultation and diagnostics in specialized children's medical institutions in the real time mode.

Starting from March 2012, the National Telemedicine Network has unified regional specialized clinic centres of Ukraine: institutions, specialized hospitals, diagnostic centres, children's clinics. The project was launched by the means of computer and telecommunication technologies to have an opportunity of information exchange between specialists, and also aiming to enhance the quality of diagnostics and treatment of patients. Up to 40% of funds in the healthcare system - the result of timely solution of diagnostic issues by the means of the implementation of modern technologies.

National Telemedicine Network is the larges national project of Open Hearts WF, covering all territory of Ukraine. Within the bounds of WF and provider's cooperation, in 2013, 27 children's medical establishments of national and regional levels were connected in 27 cities of Ukraine. All monthly expenditures on accessing Internet and servicing data transmission channels were undertook by Datagroup. The Foundation financed the construction of optic-fibre network, points' connection, their technical equipment. Now, consultations with highly professional specialists are available for patients, not depending on territorial and social conditions.

"Nowadays, there are about 250 analogous projects of different types of difficulty in the world, and only 20% of it are operating in rural areas and districts, which are distant from megalopolis. In Ukraine, the problem of timely medical aid is extremely acute, and at the moment a telemedicine network is the only possible way of solving, that is why we are continuing works under the project - Aleksandr Danchenko, the Director General of Datagroup, has commented.

According to results of the first quarter 2014, Datagroup executed the construction of optic-fibre channels of communication in medical establishments of 9 cities of Ukraine, including:

  • Vinnitsa Regional Children's Hospital
  • Volyn Regional Children's Territorial Medical Community
  • OHMATDET Lviv Regional Children's Clinical Hospital
  • Kherson Children's Regional Clinical Hospital
  • Crimea Republican Diagnostic Centre (Simferopol)
  • Mykolayiv Regional Children's Hospital
  • Zhytomyr Regional Children's Clinical Hospital
  • Institute of Emergency and Recovery Surgery, named after V.K. Gusak, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (Donetsk)

In the future, the Company will continue servicing communication channels, providing hospitals with an access to the Internet with their further support. By the end of 2014, it is scheduled to connect Cherkasy Regional Children's Clinic Hospital.

The implementation of the National Telemedicine Network Program in 2014 will give an opportunity to enlarge time for telemedical consultations for 270%. Even now the volume of traffic is enlarged for the Scientific & Practice Centre of Cardiology and Cardiosurgery of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine in the corpus at 28/1 Chornovil Street. Essentially, exactly from this connection, the telemedical network starts working at all levels% from the first medical aid up to highly specialized medical services.