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Datagroup sposnsored Kharkov Airshow


Datagroup provided one of the most exciting and spectacular sports and recreational activities with the Internet, which lasted for 2 days. It was already the second time that the Airshow, which was held on August 27 at the Korotych airport in Kharkov, coincided with the Day of Ukrainian aviation.

Kharkov citizens and guests watched over dozens of kinds of small aircraft, such as Yak-52, Yak-18T, An-2, An-28, Su-31, HAZ-30, B-2 and Alouette helicopters, and the only Ukrainian pair of Mi-2 aerobatic helicopters.

The event was attended by the real aces, leading Ukrainian pilots, who demonstrated their skills, such as world-class athletes, winners of world and European championships. The audience watched them performing acrobatic maneuvers, solo flights, freestyle and paired flights.

Guests were also actively interested in the entertainment program, competitions and quizzes, received prizes from the airshow partners, and listened to the music from the best DJs.

Datagroup provided Kharkov Air Show participants and guests with high-quality free Wi-Fi to enable them to use the Internet freely.