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Datagroup has supported Movomarafon voluntary initiative


The final meeting of participants of Movomarafon-25 voluntary initiative took place this Saturday, on September 24. Being a socially-oriented company, Datagroup supported this event and became a project general sponsor, having funded the final meeting of Movomarafon participants and production of T-shirts with the project-branded logo, designated for winners.

Datagroup representatives were highly interested in the idea to converse in Ukrainian. Datagroup supported Movomarafon not only in Kyiv but also in Zaporizhia and Odesa and assisted with the meeting organisation in Lutsk.

Project coordinators and civil activists Aleksander Ivanov and Yaryna Chornohuz called over a hundred of participants of the language contest to be the winners at the final meeting in Kyiv. They awarded the most active ones who reached the final stage and shared their experiences of switching to Ukrainian, with certificates and presents. The organisers also expressed gratitude to all volunteers who helped them throughout the whole time.

The acknowledgement was made to Anastasiia Razlutska, co-organizer of Movomarafon and Free Courses of Ukrainian (Безкоштовні курси української мови). Over 5,000 people from different cities of Ukraine and the world took part in the first all-Ukrainian Movomarafon. Movomarafon meetings were held in Kyiv, Zaporizhya, Poltava, Kherson, Kremenchuk, Kramatorsk, Lviv and Lutsk.

Hennadii Afanasiev, a former political prisoner, the Crimean, visited the final meeting in Kyiv, shared his touching story of switching to Ukrainian and called to promote it. Myroslav Laiuk, a Ukrainian poet and literary prize winner, spouted his poetry along with musical accompaniment. Mykola Liakhovych, chief of the Department of national and patriotic education of the Ministry of Youth and Sports also came to support and congratulate the winners of Movomarafon. The event was also supported by public figures, in particular, by Nata Zhyzhchenko, the leader of ONUKA band, Yurii Makarov, a renown publicist, TV host and journalist, Anastasiia Rinhis, a TV host and journalist, Michael Mozer, a language professor at the University of Vienna, Bria Blessing, an American singer and composer with Ukrainian roots, and others.

Movomarafon-25 was organised by the public initiative “Perehod na Ukrainsku” (Переходь на українську), Free Courses of Ukrainian (Безкоштовні курси української мови) and the All-Ukrainian youth initiative called “Fund of regional initiatives”.