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Datagroup upgrades DataProtect service


The leading telecommunication operator will be the first in the market to provide customers with anti-DDoS security services based on Arbor Networks equipment 

In September 2017 Datagroup upgraded the existing DataProtect service, which protects client information systems from DDoS attacks by installing Arbor Networks hardware. Thus, the company's clients will be the first in Ukraine to access the service, which provides the highest level of protection of the network from all types of DDoS attacks. 

Arbor Networks is the world leading company in providing DDoS protection solutions. Due to close collaboration with leading global operators and traffic analysis in the global sensor system, Arbor ATLAS, the service has statistics on DDoS attacks across countries and automatically updates its databases. Arbor ASERT engineers in 24x7 mode monitor Internet threats using information from around the world, and the client always has relevant mechanisms for identifying and eliminating threats. 

From year to year protection from DDoS becomes more and more relevant, because according to Arbor Networks, the intensity and frequency of attacks increased 8 times since 2010. In addition, according to analysts' forecasts, in 2018, every second company will suffer DDoS attacks. Datagroup Company, using the services of Arbor Networks, implements successful DDoS protection practices in Ukraine and has a powerful toolkit for protecting customer equipment from the negative effects of illegal cyber-intervention.