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Datagroup and NSC "Olympic" signed a Partnership Agreement.


On April 19, 2012, Datagroup PJSC and the National Sports Complex «Olympic» will announce their cooperation — National Telecommunications Operator «Datagroup» has become the official partner of the NSC «Olympic».

For NSC «Olympic» this agreement is an important and crucial step, since the matter is, first of all, the reputation of the object — the main sports arena nationwide. The operator Datagroup matches this status. For Datagroup, formal partnership has been an extension of sports history and the projects supported by the company. It should be recalled that Datagroup is the title sponsor of the Ukrainian Football Cup, as well as the patron of the children’s football team of CYSS-15.

Timur Kondratyev, Acting Director of the NSC «Olympic», when commenting on the signing of the agreement, said: «NSC „Olympic“ is the country’s main arena, and this is very important — we must always be the best. But this would be impossible without using cutting-edge technologies in all areas of our activities. That is why we make an agreement with an organization that is leading our country in the field of telecommunications, the Datagroup company.»

In turn, the CEO of Datagroup Alexander Danchenko said: «The partnership agreement between the two structures was quite logical. Our collaboration began already in 2011 when Datagroup built optical communications channels for the stadium. NSC „Olympic“ is a high-tech infrastructure object. Our task, as a partner, is not only to support development of sport in Ukraine, but also to demonstrate to the world sport community the benefits of the „Olympic“ as the best site for sports events and more.»

Datagroup was the first operator that laid two independent optical communications channels with the capacity of 110 Mbps for NSC «Olympic». All works were performed by the opening of the stadium. «Olympic» uses the communication channels for organization of high-quality online Internet broadcasts (at the time of events organized by the NSC), for operation of the WI-FI network within the stadium, for public Internet access, and for operation of internal services of the stadium.

Within the framework of the partnership, the structures of NSC «Olympic» and Datagroup implement a whole number of joint B2B and B2C activities; for example, some charitable projects will be implemented. In accordance with the agreements reached, Datagroup will provide sponsorship support for development of NSC «Olympic» as part of the national soccer tournaments.

According to terms and conditions of the agreement, Datagroup is now an exclusive representative of its market segment. «Datagroup» and «Domashniy Telecom» brands will be actively represented at the stadium from July 11, 2012, after closing of EURO-2012 football games.