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Aleksandr Danchenko: "Call and you will get an answer!"


Now, the communication obtains a kind of social tint. But a business is a business, does Datagroup somehow participate in supporting ATO?

As for me, this is an important and very painful issue. In the conditions, in which Ukraine lives, the communication bears a strategic function, and I think it is not necessary to explain why. Rather even not so, I would make a digression. There are also employees of Datagroup in Ato area, and just must come back alive and healthy. Except personal protection equipment and weapon, they should have opportunities of the safe communication. That is personal desire, which has transformed into a social goal. Datagroup has undertaken series of tasks in providing the special intended authorities (SSU, State Boarder Guard Service - edit. note) and fighters in ATO area with communication. Well, a business is a business, but when human lives are on stake, business functions take the second places. The tasks on communication of ATO are in priority.

Do you have a special order from the government?

May be it would sound loudly, but the government has no relation to it. Representatives of battalions, volunteers address us, asking to help them. And we help. We dispatch equipment, adjust and control undisturbed operational capacity of communication channels. You see, when there are chances and a possibility to help and save by own resources, then everything other goes behind.

As far as we know, Datagroup is using resources of satellite communication, is not it?

Yes, exactly, it is. Probably, nearly for the first time in my life, I understand, that 14 years of work in Datagroup, its technical capacity is not for nothing. In a peaceful time, a satellite is a business: a service to access Internet for individuals, channels of data transmission for corporate clients, the largest national projects such as the video surveillance over an election, at now it is completely different level. As the satellite is using now in Ukraine within the bounds of ATO, not because of a despair. In the USA, 60% of communication in the defence complex is built upon satellite technologies, because this is the most fault-tolerant and safe communication. To capture a mobile communication tower or to determine the location of military departments upon the active mobile terminals is the easiest task. With a satellite, it is not possible. It is nice for me to recognise that at least in current conditions, Ukraine begins to understand advantages of the satellite communication. Although in a peaceful time, we have been knocking all the doors, trying to work on preventive measures. It is extremely unfortunately, that we were not heard. Basing on the experience of Europe and the USA, we have developed the completed technical solutions for the defence industry.

But still let us revert to the business: Does Datagroup take money for its services?

In 90% of cases - No. Especially what is related to an aid for volunteers and battalions? We give equipment, train to adjust it and discuss the channels free of charge. There are large structural projects, where we have to take money, but only for the purpose to cover partially expenditures for subcontractors. As for the internal resource of the Company (equipment, communication channels), all is supplied free of charge. The main is the war to stop and fellows come back alive and healthy, we shall think over another things later.

What financial resources, spent from Your side, are we talking about?

I do not want and cannot exact amounts, and also the quantity of equipment, which is sent to ATO. Approximately, for the first half of the current year, Datagroup's expenditures for communication providing was about UAH 6 mln. To talk on the accurate figures is not the right time and there is no need in it. You see, only now, I am conscious of the whole essence of a socially responsible business. Still, it is not for nothing to say that shall not cross us before it begins to thunder. During all the years of independence, Ukraine has been living a stage of the primary accumulation of capital. To earn at any cost was a wish and an aim for everyone. I cannot say, that it is bad. But still nobody has been waiting for that thunder, and we have not has a reserve plan. The communication branch is not an exception. Let us take, for instance, the market of broadband access for the end consumer. Everybody built, dumped, pulled on blanket. And what is in result? Where is that all in the Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk? Providers are bearing colossal damages. Or else, for instance, the issue with Ukrtelecom. I understand that it is rather rhetorical, and nobody thinks of consequences in the top of authority. But excuse me, how could you tactically and strategically win a war, if there is no system of special communication? When, literally, all negotiations between headquarters and militarists in ATO can be tapped. Simply, a soldier calls his mother, and the location of all military units is determined. I will not get tired saying that Ukraine, at first turn, lost the information & communication war. Notwithstanding any critics concerning the Soviet Union's policy, solving of communication issues was built upon a high level. Let us tale at least the system of mass announcement for public concerning a threat. A simple radio was used for that, people called it "yelping fellow", which stood in the kitchen of every flat. And now, try to oblige any commercial radio-station to interrupt a commercial broadcast for the governmental needs. There is no levers of influence for it, only owner's own desire.

Now, a stage of reforms is declared in the executive authorities, does it include the ICT branch?

Have you been addressed with an offer to participate in the reforms?

I would say you the following: It is nice to sit in a cosy office and engage in demagogy. We put forward our offers, reformatory and tactical on the regular basis. We suggest technical offers and developments, which are able to solve current problems in the branch. For me as for a civil son, husband, farther, it is painful to observe that takes place in the top authority. Ukrainian, if he is made angry, goes with his bare hands and faith in his heart against an enemy, the main thing is this enemy would not be internal in result.