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Aleksandr Danchenko Addressed Governmental Authority with the Open Letter


To the President of Ukraine
Poroshenko Petro Oleksiyovych

The Prime-Minister of Ukraine
Atsenyuk Arseniy Petrovych

The Chairman of the Central Election Commission
Oksendovskiy Mikhailo Volodymyrovych

The Chairman of the State Agency of Special Communication and Protection of Information of Ukraine
Zverev Volodymyr Pavlovich


Ukraine is on the threshold of a decisive choice - the election of People's deputies of Ukraine will take place on the 26th of October 2014. This is provided with one more chance to change the state for the better. Except the external enemy, we must overcome the internal enemy: who parasites and involves only in making own profit.

We have a great aim - Ukraine shall become a strong, free, really independent state. Ukrainians have paid too high for their ideals, for their natural intentions. That is why, after all election centres will have been closed on the 26th of October 2014, all efforts of responsible officials shall be determined for the protection of fair voice counting.

Ukraine knows the precedents, when Ukrainians' will has been changed during the process of voice counting and processing by selective way of intervention in the informational system of the Central Election Commission. During the election of the President of Ukraine in 2014, there was executed unauthorised access in the operation of local computer network of the CEC, that led to temporary blocking of informational infrastructure of the Commission and to the failure of the Unified Information & Analytic System, called Vybory (Election). The facts of DDOs-attacks were fixed at the official site of CEC: cvk.gov.ua (attack's parameters were based in the range from 300 thou. up to 900 thous. requests per a second). On the local computer network of the CEC, it was detected the presence of a malicious software, which could not be defused with the standard anti-virus software.

Taking into account those events, which have taken place in the state: internal antagonisms between political forces, the presence of the external aggressor at the territory of Ukraine, multiply interventions in the informational infrastructure of the state, the informational propaganda on behalf of the external aggressor's side, we think, that can make a damage to the Unified Information & Analytic System, called Vybory, including the complete block of its operation.

Aiming to protect electors' voices and to control operability of the CEC's informational system, I address you with an appeal to take additional precautions to protect the CEC's servers, and not in the night before the election. Also, I consider that it is necessary to conduct testing of equipment and hardware operations. All these measures are necessary for every citizen to be sure in the protection of his/her own right of vote.

To execute all operations of Datagroup national provider of communication, I am ready to present all necessary technical solutions and resources. The provider's specialists have an experience in the implementation of similar projects on the protection of informational resources during EURO-1012, the President's election in Ukraine in 2014, and also in the provision of our client's needs.

In addition to the conduction of prevention measures before the election, I am ready to provide all available resources of Datagroup to maintain the undisturbed operation of the CEC's informational resources and servers, while processing ballot papers with the declaration of will of Ukrainian people.

Nobody, except us, could protect our word, our will and our honour! In unity the power is!

In the assurance of faith in Ukraine's victory,
Aleksandr Danchenko,
The Director General of Datagroup
The Expert of Samopomich Public Association