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Aleksandr Danchenko Negotiated Million-Strong Investments in Ukraine


Aleksandr Danchenko, the Director General of Datagroup national provider of communication, an expert of Samopomich Public Association, conducted the negotiation in Beijing with the Chairman and the Director General of Xinwei Telecom Enterprise Group Telecommunication Corporation (Xinwei Corporation), Wang Jing, and contracted for the further cooperation and investments in Ukraine.

Aleksandr Danchenko and Wang Jing approved the agreements, fixed in the Memorandum, signed in Kyiv, on the cooperation between Datagroup and Xinwei Corporation, on the attraction of investments in the development of projects in Ukraine in the field of telecommunication and high technologies, including a usage of 4G standard.

The total amount of Xinwei Corporation's investments in Ukraine for the implementation of all scheduled projects is about USD 400 mln. Datagroup, from its side, will provide all its technological solutions for that purpose.

"there is no reason to wait from the government of Ukraine reformatory steps, necessary in telecommunication. While LTE technologies are actively developing all over the world, there cannot be solved even the question of 3G licence issuing in our country. Ukraine drops behind not only in the technological development, but it also loses the profit because of impossibility to develop projects on the basis of modern telecommunication solutions", - Aleksandr Danchenko commented signing the Memorandum.

The practical implementation of all projects will depend only on the process of reforming in the country and in the branch of telecommunication, in particular. The absence of clear rules for licensing, and also a common strategy for the ICT-market development, sufficiently slows the branch development and the process of attracting foreign investments.

Details of agreements between Datagroup and Xinwei are not disclosed at the moment. This is connected with the registration of technical solutions and projects in Ukraine. Within the bounds of cooperation, the companies see their aim as the supply of qualitative and reliable communication for the governmental sector, a business and the civil population of Ukraine.

Also, the Memorandum implies the creation of modern training & scientific laboratory for the professional development of IT and Telecom-specialists. The laboratory will be built upon the basis of one of Ukrainian higher education establishments, which will be chosen on a competitive basis.