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Datagroup upgrades DataProtect service

The leading telecommunication operator will be the first in the market to provide customers with anti-DDoS security services based on Arbor Networks equipment


Datagroup has supported Movomarafon voluntary initiative

The final meeting of participants of Movomarafon-25 voluntary initiative took place this Saturday, on September 24. Being a socially-oriented company, Datagroup supported this event and became a project general sponsor.


Home telecom is now on Facebook!

Home Telecom always strives to be closer to its users and constitutes an active part of their social life. Thus we decided to create a company page on Facebook, the popular social networking site.


Datagroup REAL project was awarded with Telecom AWARDS 2016

The Datagroup team won the award for the best project in the field of backbone networks and transport services at the first All-Ukrainian awarding ceremony for telecom and media industries companies, called Telecom AWARDS 2016 on September 10.


“Home telecom” turned 6

The Ukrainian Internet market has been the most dynamic in Europe and has grown by 15% and reached 14 million people by the number of users in 2010. It was then when the brand "Home Telecom" appeared on the national telecom market, developed by Datagroup national communications operator.


Horizon Capital Increases Its Stake in Datagroup to Over 70%

Horizon Capital announced today that it has increased its stake in Datagroup, a leading independent telecom operator in Ukraine, from significant minority to over 70%.


Datagroup sposnsored Kharkov Airshow

Datagroup provided one of the most exciting and spectacular sports and recreational activities with the Internet, which lasted for 2 days. It was already the second time that the Airshow, which was held on August 27 at the Korotych airport in Kharkov, coincided with the Day of Ukrainian aviation.


Datagroup introduced new package offers for cloud services

Datagroup introduced new package offers for cloud solutions for its customers. The innovations can be found here. Datagroup is a certified Microsoft partner. The company received the Cloud Solution Provider Status, which confirms the existence of a direct contract with Microsoft, in June 2016.


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